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UK artist Claire Loder works from a studio just outside Bath. She has been making heads and faces for nearly ten years, ever since joining the MA programme in Cardiff. She also produces drawings, prints, ceramic tiles and is the author of a book published in 2013 for Bloomsbury ‘The New Ceramics: Sculpting and Handbuilding’. 

'I make heads and faces using ceramic materials.
Currently I'm exploring what constitutes a face: what can be added/subtracted and how this affects meaning. Through the titles, these rudimentary forms become a vehicle for my personal concerns and interests including the natural world, melancholy, humour, the process of aging, feminism and news culture.
Recently I have begun to investigate the covered face and the possibilities it offers for unsettling narratives. Narrative and language are a significant part of my practice  - I'm an avid gatherer of words and phrases. Overheard conversation, quotes, idioms, poetry, lyrics - anything striking or pertinent is gathered and recorded. Sometimes these harvested words are made conspicuous in the titles or are less apparent but fundamental to the formation of a new idea. This fascination with narrative began during my illustration degree where line drawing became increasingly important too. The use of narrative and the activity of drawing underpin my practice.
The pieces are slab built, with some elements constructed by coiling or sculpting. As soon as the form will support itself I start working on the surface, painting with slips, underglazes and the wet clay itself. Most of the sculptures are single fired. Clay has a skin like quality, it gathers marks, indentations - it co-operates in the making.’


1993 BA(Hons) Graphic Design/ Illustration, Bath Spa University.
2006 MA Ceramics, University Wales Institute Cardiff

Arts Council Grants for the Arts
Crafts Council ‘Next Move’ residency at Bath Spa University 2007-09

Associate Member of the Devon Guild
Professional Member of CPA

Public Collections
Ceramic Collection and Archive, Aberystwyth University. ‘Always on my mind’, small standing head, purchased 2010
Crafts Council, Handling Collection. ‘In the Frame’, small head with glasses, purchased 2011
The House of Dreams Museum, Dulwich London, ‘Darkling’ purchased 2011

Lead artist for 'Making Memories', a project with New Brewery Arts, Cirencester. Working with carers and cared for participants. 2013

Ceramics and The Human Figure by Edith Garcia
The Ceramics Book, 3rd Edition, by Bonnie Kemske/CPA
Ceramic Review, Maybe It’s Maybelline, Issue 241
Ceramic Glazes, The Complete Handbook, Doody and Taylor, 2014
Contemporary Ceramics: Clay as Canvas, Kate Singleton - due for publication 2016/17

The New Ceramics: Sculpting and Handbuilding by Claire Loder. Published by Bloomsbury 2013